Opening of La Tejada | Early booking, special rates and rules.

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La Tejada abre el 1 de julio con nuevas normas


From July 1st, visitors will be able to visit the site with all possible security protocols.


The term for the early booking of the entrance to Villa Romana La Tejada opens. It can be visited from July 1 to November 1. You should contact them by phone at 650 410 913/979 119 997/670 450 143, or by email at


The site of Quintanilla de la Cueza  (Cervatos de la Cueza, Palencia) also benefits from the post-Covid exemption of public prices. The economic and social situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic in the province of Palencia and the different situations created by the various regulations governing the state of alarm, and its implementation phases, seem to advise that, in order to favor visits to the various resources tourist and cultural activities of the Provincial Council, and at the same time with it favoring the provincial tourism sector, the temporary free access to them be established. That is why the Diputación de Palencia proposes that:


  • Those born and / or residing in Palencia and province will have free access to the resources regulated by the ordinance with the sole presentation of the DNI or for being under 12 years of age. From the reopening of resources until July 31 *


  • All people who have consumed more than € 15 in any hotel and restaurant establishment in the province (excluding overnight stays) will be free of charge, in the previous four days including the visit. In the event that consumption corresponds to more than one person, they will be entitled to one free entry for every € 15 of consumption. This exemption will remain in force until September 15 in all the resources affected by said ordinance *


* The causes of reduction in the price of admission must be accredited at the box office.


This initiative was already planned by the Tourism and Culture Services, and it was also a request from the businessmen of the sector in the meeting of "Palencia in progress", which we had with the tourist sector.


In addition, to visit the Tejada site, the rules established below must be respected.


  1. The site will be visited, depending on availability, with compulsory advance booking, from Tuesday to Sunday from July 1 to November 1. To request the reservation, you must contact the phones 650 410 913/979 119 997/670 450 143 or at


  2. There are no guided tours. The archaeological site can be visited without the need for a guide. There is a recommended itinerary indicated to facilitate the unguided visit. It also has the support of informative panels and explanatory brochures that can be downloaded from the website in the La Tejada section in Spanish and English.


  3. Only the individual or group visit of up to 10 people from the same coexistence unit is allowed, with the visitor's own mask, and keeping the distance of 2 meters with the rest of the visitors and staff.


  4. Limited capacity: Inside the archaeological site, 25 people simultaneously.


  5. I go through the disinfecting mat and use hydroalcoholic gel before entering the deposit, at the box office.


  6. You must follow the marked itinerary and how many safety instructions, closing time and capacity of the local staff.


  7. Access is allowed with guide dogs, duly accredited, previously passing through the disinfectant mat.


  8. Access with backpacks and other non-essential items is not allowed. There is no box service.


tejada 1 de julio

Villa Romana La Tejada