Till October the 31st La Tejada can be visited this season.

visitar la tejada hasta el 31 de octubre
From the 1st November on La Tejada Roman Villa is closed untill next season.


This archeological site  can be visited  till 31st October  this season. Previous booking is demanded due to the current  situation. It must be booked by calling 650 410913 from Tuesday to Sunday.

From the 1st November on, La Tejada is temporarily closed until further notice.

Besides, to visit the site our visitors must accept the following rules and conditions:

  1. There is neither arranged groups nor guided tours. The tours are suspended becouse of the meassures to stop the SARS- CoV-2  pandemic.  The archeological site can be visited without guided tours. A recommended itinerary is marked to follow the visit.  It also offers the support of information panels and explanatory brochures in Spanish and English that can be downloaded from this website in La Tejada section.
  2. Only individual visits  or  groups of maximum 10 people of the same family are allowed. All visitors must wear their own mask, and keep distance from other visitors and staff.
  3. Limited capacity: Inside the archaeological site just 25 people will stay at the same time.
  4. Before entering  the visitors must walk on the desinfectant carpet and use hydroalcoholic gel at the ticket office.
  5. You must follow the marked itinerary and the instructions of the staff of the site.
  6. Access with accredited guide dogs is allowed, previously passing through the disinfectant mat.
  7. Access with rucksacks and other non-essential objects are not allowed. There is no cloakroom.