Guided tours in La Olmeda from the 1st July.

visitas guiadas a la olmeda a partir del 1 de julio
Guided tours will be done with special meassures and restrictions.


The Roman Villa La Olmeda can be visited without guided tours following leaflets, panels, QR codes, and videos. Neverheless , from the 1st July  you may well  book guided tours according to the following information:  previous phone booked is required and you are expected to follow the rules of sanitary emergency.

You can get more information by phone and book the guided tour on 979 119 997 ( Tuesday to Sunday froim 10:30 to 18:30).

COVID-19: You ought to respect the emergency sanitary rules such as wearing mask face, use  hydroalcoholic gel and keep interpersonal distance, all of this measures  have been recommended by the local authorities. Guided tour are limited to 20 pax.

You may well get more  information on the following links: