The value of the legacy of pottery "terra sigillata" in the roman villa La Olmeda.

A new publication edited by the Palencia Provincial Council on the Roman villa La Olmeda enhances the value of the legacy of its pottery "terra sigillata" .



The deputy of Culture, Carmen Fernández, accompanied by the deputies of Roman villas, Javier Villafuela and zone Adolfo Palacios, and several technicians of the Culture service, presented with the author of the work, Jaime Gutiérrez Pérez, the details of a publication, which is the doctoral thesis of this palencia, Saldaña, doctor in History from the University of Valladolid and co-director of several archaeological research projects.


Titled Terra Sigillata Hispánica Tardía coming from Villa Romana La Olmeda (Pedrosa de la Vega, Palencia), the work has 326 pages plus several annexes on DVD, one in PDF with the files of the cataloged pieces and another in Excel with the pieces cataloged A real work of inventorying and cataloging about 14,000 ceramic fragments of terra sigillata and their uses, which deserves this outstanding cum laude of the qualification of the thesis. This publication completes the monographs that have already been published about the numerous and valuable remains found in this archaeological site of La Olmeda, which are in the Olmeda Museum, in the town of Saldaña and that have to do with a detailed analysis of the glasses and coins. A total of 350 copies have been published and the cost of the publication is 35 euros.


From the curriculum of Jaime Gutiérrez Pérez, it is necessary to indicate that he is a Doctor in History from the University of Valladolid. Currently, co-director of the archaeological research projects: Archaeological excavations in "La Ciudad" (Paredes de Nava); Archaeological excavations in the Palace of the Marquises of Berlanga (Berlanga de Duero, Soria) and has a wide range of addresses and technical directions of projects on archeology and collaborations. He is also the author / co-author of more than twenty articles, collaborations, etc., especially on the Roman world and La Olmeda.