On September 6 and 7 La Olmeda hosts a course on garum and wine in Roman times.

The course focuses on the production and consumption of garum and wine in Roman times.

Taught by Manuel León Béjar, member of the Research Group "From Turdetania to Bética" of the Department of Archeology and Prehistory of the University of Seville, professor of the Master of Archeology of the University of Seville, as a researcher at the University of Cádiz, around Roman imperial high winemaking and gastronomic products derived from garum, such as the enogarum.


In parallel, and for four years he has assumed the creation and scientific direction of the Baetica Project, Vino de la Hispania Romana, as well as the commercialization and scientific dissemination of Flor de Garum, the Garum physical reconstruction project of Darío Bernal.


Manuel León Béjar has specialized in the study of gastronomy in Roman times and in the reproduction of certain foods and sauces of that period. Together with Dr. García Vargas, and Darío Bernal, they have developed Flor de Garum, based on the archaeological and documentary analysis of the garum manufacturing and manufacturing processes. His line of work, established in the same parameters, has focused on the research, study and reproduction of mulsum and conditum wines (rose wine, violets and cinnamon), giving rise to Baetica, Vino de la Hispania Romana. Likewise, together with Dr. Victor Palacios, they are addressing the study, functionality and physical reconstruction of gastronomic products such as oenogarum or dairy products with a Roman-era recipe, and currently conducting tests with classical Greek cuisine.


Both products, wine and garum, are currently marketed on specific channels and enjoy great prestige among the professional scientific and gastronomic community. Proof of this is that he has participated in events, congresses, presentations and conferences on archeology and food technology. Even one of them, recently, has received a regional award in Extremadura, along with numerous courses and conferences in different museums, from the MAN to Regional and local Archaeological Sets and Museums.



Information and registration: To participate in the course it is necessary to register in advance. Limited places Production and consumption of "garum" and wine in Roman times.

September 6 and 7, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

On September 6, "Garum".

On September 7 "The wine in Roman times."

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