La Olmeda Presents the photomosaic "E Plvribvs Vnvm".

On the occasion of International Museum Day, La Olmeda presents the photomosaic "E plvribvs vnvm" that commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of La Olmeda as BIC.


This year is special for the  Arqueological site "La Olmeda" by having commemorated on April 3th the XXV Anniversary of its Declaration as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC). To celebrate this special date, the Palencia Provincial Council presented the activity "E Plvribvs Vnvm, another mosaic in the Olmeda" in which visitors and friends of La Olmeda could send their photographs related to Spanish cultural heritage from April 3 to 9 May to design this photomosaic. The mosaic chosen is the Oecus, which is considered to be the most representative of the site and one of the most spectacular from the late Roman period. When the time has come, taking advantage of the International Museum Day, we present the result of this photomontage. You  may   download it through a PDF file that at the end of the text of this news.

On the other hand, La Olmeda participates in the International Museum Day organized by ICOM (International Council of Museums). oN the 18th May 2021 from 10:30 to 18:30, the entrance to La Olmeda will be free. Logically this celebration also extends to the Museum of La Olmeda located in the Church of San Pedro de Saldaña, whose entrance will also be free today.

Happy Museum Day!