The Palencia Provintial Council publishes a guide of La Tejada archaeological site

This research written by Miguel Nozal and Jaime Gutiérrez is a tribute to the main archaeologist of La Tejada, Miguel Ángel García Guinea.


On the 50th anniversary of the discovery of La Tejada, the County Council of Palencia presents a guide to it that updates everything that is known about the site. This research work is a tribute to who was its main archaeologist D. Miguel Ángel García Guinea; professor, director of the Institute of Prehistory and Archeology "Sautuola" and Full Member of the Institution "Tello Téllez de Meneses". Professor García Guinea's connection with the province of Palencia dates back to the beginning of the 1960s when the first edition of his work "The Romanesque in Palencia" was published, which meant the revaluation of Palencia's heritage.

The authors of this new guide, Miguel Nozal and Jaime Gutiérrez, not only do a study of the site, complete with a practical guide to visit it; They also take a tour of its history, highlighting the important work of Professor García Guinea in La Tejada. Once again, the  Palencia Provintial Council is proud of its collaborators  in defense of the archaeological heritage. The publication "Brief guide of the archaeological site of La Tejada" is already on sale in the shops of La Olmeda, the museum of La Olmeda in Saldaña and La Tejada at the price of € 5.